Two clumsy burglars break into house to steal back what they lost.

We wrote, filmed, and edited this movie in just two days, as part of the international 48 Hour Film Project competition. For this, we created MARMERMIJN. The three of us had always wanted to work on films together, and we figured that this competition would be a perfect start.

We gathered a filmcrew of 25 wonderful, skilled people from around the country, and set out to create a fun and emotional story.

The 48HFP competition ends in a spectacular awardsceremony at the Noordelijk Filmfestival in Leeuwarden, which was quite the experience for us. Among numerous nominations and wins, we won the competition with the award for Best Film.

Inbreuk 48hfp version MASTER.00_04_22_02.Still034.jpg

photos by Gerben Rink


Director Tim Zweistra
Producer Ferdi Çelik
Scenario Nicole Dittmar
Actor Steye van Dam
Actress Karlijn Koel
Writers Tim Zweistra, Karlijn Koel, Nicole Dittmar, Melle Mijnhardt, Marlies Smit
First AD Kiki Henger
Cinematographers Tim Broers, Tim Zweistra
Camera Assistant Jovan Avramoski
Drone Operator Jorrit Jansen
Editing Meike Denneman
Coloring Bram van Dam
Styling Marie Therese Maurits
Make-up Patricia Polstra
Set Design Nick van Dijk, Melle Mijnhardt
Script Supervisor Jorrit Jansen
Gaffer Emile Groenewoud
Audio, Sound Design, Music Manglemoose
Boom operator Daan Moerkens
Graphic design Melle Mijnhardt, Tim Zweistra
Photography Gerben Rink
Production Assistants Ilya Shcharbitski, Samuel Koridon
Personal Assistant Marlies Smit
Catering Sanne Huiskamp

INBREUK POSTER NL RGB (48h awards) 1240x1754.jpg