Stories about ordinary people who solve their problems in extraordinary ways.


KARLIJN KOEL - Creative Producer

Karlijn is actress, writer, and director for MARMERMIJN.

She values and writes small but intricate stories aimed at connecting people. This collaboration is to her a way to take control and not be dependant on the big players in the filmindustry. This is because small stories are just as capable at creating a shift in perspective in people.

After finishing her theatre education, she acted in a number of series, films, and plays. MARMERMIJN grants her the possibilities to realize her own filmproductions.

She’s won ‘Best Actress’ in the 48 Hour Film Competition for all three of our films.


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TIM ZWEISTRA - Creative Producer

Tim is director and writer for MARMERMIJN. He directed 'Inbreuk' and 'Verkocht!', and has written and worked on several shorts for filmcollective Kokosnoten.

He has also directed multiple music videos, ranging from small but intensely emotional pieces, to very vfx heavy animations.

Tim loves to explore stories that show our humanity, to zoom in on the small things that penetrate our daily lives, the things we often take for granted. A personal story and satisfying pay-off come first in his directing and his writing, whether it takes place in an elaborate science fiction universe, or a small village.

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Ferdi Çelik - Producer

Ferdi is producer for MARMERMIJN and can't wait to produce many more films.

He has a background as a social worker; where it's his job to connect people, realise their potential, let them work efficiently in projects, and promote the synergy in many kinds of collaborations and initiatives. He feels that these traits are essential to bring a film to fruition as a producer.

Ferdi also works in theatre and as an actor for various professional theatre groups and has played in several films.

To him, film is a way to make social issues like the polarisation and alienation of society more accessable to a viewer, making them think about their own values and moral compass.

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